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Protect your eyes with LUMES 👉

Should I Wear Screen Glasses (Even if I Don’t Need Glasses)?

Nowadays, it’s completely normal to stare at a screen for most of the day. Whether you're working in an office, watching Netflix or scrolling through your Instagram feed, modern life increasingly revolves around digital devices.

But too much screen time and overexposure to blue light from screens can be bad for your physical health.

Have you ever experienced headaches, blurry vision or eye strain from prolonged screen use? You’re not alone.

You’re probably suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome, or CVS, a term used to describe eye and vision problems caused by prolonged use of digital devices. Almost 60 million people suffer from it globally.

Luckily, there’s a solution.

What Are Screen Protection Glasses?

Screen glasses, or computer glasses, come with lenses specifically designed to protect your eyes from computer screens. Screen glasses commonly include the following features that help to prevent or alleviate digital eye strain (DES):

Anti-Glare Coating

Glare from artificial light or sunlight creates unnecessary feedback that enters your eyes and makes it difficult to see. Glasses that protect your eyes from screens use an Anti-Glare Coating reduces the buildup of reflections on the front surface of the lens and prevents glare from entering your eyes.

Blue Light Filter

Too much blue light can lead to eye strain, headaches, and sleep cycle disruption. Most computer screen glasses have blue light blocking lenses that filter out the highest energy wavelengths, which can help to protect against the negative effects of blue light exposure.

Slight Magnification

Your eyes constantly focus and relax to read pixels on screens, stressing your eye muscles. That’s why some screen glasses include lenses that have Slight Magnification, which helps your ciliary muscles to relax while focusing on objects within arms length.

LUMES Screen Glasses

LUMES blue light blocking glasses come with high-quality CR-39 lenses that block up to 40% of blue light up to 430nm and 90% of blue light at 410nm, and a premium Anti-Glare lens coating. Our lenses do not have any magnification as CR-39 lenses naturally have a high optical quality. 

Do I need screen glasses if I don’t wear glasses?

If you have 20/20 vision and don’t need to wear prescription glasses, you can still suffer from digital eye strain due to prolonged screen use. Screen glasses can help to make looking at screens easier on your eyes as well as providing benefits for your overall health.

Want to protect your eyes from screens?

Shop LUMES blue light blocking glasses

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