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The LUMES story.

Back in 2018, we were working in corporate office jobs where we’d spend long hours in front of bright screens. We’d regularly leave the office with eye strain, headaches and sore eyes. It wasn’t sustainable and we knew something had to change.

What we discovered is that high-intensity blue light and glare from screens is not good for your eyes. It can also affect the quality of your sleep. We wanted to find a solution.

From apps to screen filters, we tested a whole host of different fixes. We realized that blue light blocking glasses helped but we couldn’t find a pair that worked well and looked great - ones that we’d be comfortable to wear to our own office jobs.

LUMES was born.

A few months and several prototypes later, we had finally created what we were looking for: a stylish pair of blue light blocking glasses with practically transparent lenses.

Fast-forward to today and we are incredibly honored that people across the world are now wearing LUMES to work more comfortably and productively.

- The LUMES team


A symbol of expression.

Ian Sepheer laughing wearing LUMES Danvers stylish blue light blocking glasses in transparent color

Model wearing LUMES Kent stylish blue light blocking computer glasses


Our product.

Aiming for perfect.

LUMES stylish blue light blocking glasses case and logo from angle

LUMES stylish blue blocking computer glasses - Danvers model in transparent color from angle

Experts at making.

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