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Why we use bio-acetate

Learn more about our journey towards being a sustainable company

Listening to mother nature...

We craft our glasses with planet-friendly bio-acetate because they're our best chance for a sustainable future.

in traditional acetate glasses production with non-renewable materials

How we're taking action


👋 to single-use plastics.


Stamping out our carbon footprint.

“Planting trees won’t save the planet. It’s just a band-aid solution to make up for bad practices.

Replacing fossil fuels, cutting down on single-use plastic, recycling. These are the real responsibilities for every business today.”

- Nicolas Deskos
LUMES Eyewear Co-Founder

Our journey to being a sustainable company

Making better products in a better way will take time, and for LUMES it’s only the beginning. Here are the main goals we want to reach by the end of 2021, and beyond:

  • Launch first bio-acetate frames

    We’re changing the game. To keep to our promise of reducing our single-use plastic consumption, 55% of our collection will be made from bio-acetate. That means new frames, new colors, and new materials. Shop our planet-friendly eco-range.

    November, 2020

  • Make 100% of our acetate collection exclusively from bio-acetate

    Our goal is to phase out our traditional acetate frames and replace them with a full collection of bio-acetate blue light blocking glasses. With every product we sell, we want to reduce our negative impact on the environment as much as possible.

    March, 2021

  • Remove all unnecessary packaging and produce packaging from 90% sustainable materials

    Packaging can make up to 50% of a business’ carbon footprint. That’s why we’ll be removing the white cardboard box around the glasses case, our thank you card, and only using packaging items made from 90% sustainable materials: everything from the cardboard boxes to the packaging tape.

    June, 2021

  • Switch to a lightweight water-based PU glasses case

    We’re committed to ensuring that every aspect of our product conforms to the same environmental standards. And yes, we’ll be making changes to the materials we use in our glasses cases too. Our new water-based PU case will eliminate toxins and cost less energy to produce.

    September, 2021

  • CO2 neutral

    Being sustainable is all about the long-term. We are aiming to be a 100% carbon neutral company by 2025. And we’re thinking about creative solutions to offset our carbon emissions and close the loop on our glasses production. Watch this space!

    January, 2025

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