Event Retail Representative: OnBrand '19

Onbrand event image 2019

Role description:

Hello :wave:

We’re LUMES. A computer eyewear brand helping students and digital professionals work with screens more comfortably.

We’re looking for 2 people to staff our stand at OnBrand ’19, a leading international marketing conference.

The event is hosted at SugarCity (10 minutes from Amsterdam). With big names like Facebook, Spotify and Booking.com in attendance, this is also a great opportunity if you’re looking to break into the marketing & creative industry.

Your role would be to inform event attendees about our products, and sell them on the day. You will also be able to earn a commission on any sales you make.

Before the event, we’d love to have a quick meeting/call with you to educate you about our product and what you will be doing at the event.

Apply for this role:

Please send an email to careers@lumes.store with a short paragraph explaining why you're suitable for this role.

Looking forward to hearing from you!