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COVID-19 Update

The pandemic is changing millions of lives around the world and impacting our teammates, friends and family on an unprecedented scale. 

For now, LUMES will continue to operate as normal during these challenging circumstances. That means you will still be able to purchase LUMES blue light blocking glasses on Due to the situation, there may delayed delivery times. Our customer service will always be available if you have any questions about your order.

That said, we are committed to getting products to our customers in a safe way. That is why we are monitoring the situation closely and staying in close contact with our postal carriers to ensure that we are not needlessly endangering lives. 

If advice from our business partners or official health information suggests that we need to shutdown our operations temporarily, we will act immediately. 

Flattening the curve is a community effort and we must all do our part to beat the virus. We encourage everyone, as difficult as it may be, to take the precautions necessary to stop the spread of the virus. 

To help you work from home more effectively, you can download our FREE 20-20-20 tool to schedule regular breaks and give your eyes a rest. Find it at

Stay safe & stay healthy - we will get through this together 💪

- LUMES Team


PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we have temporarily postponed shipping to countries outside of Europe.