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Is Too Much Screen Time Affecting Your Sex Drive?

Using digital devices all day may be negatively affecting your sex drive. Find out why your smartphone and your laptop can impact your performance in the bedroom.

How a digital world affects your body 

Woman holding smartphone while working on macbook

Nowadays, it has become normal to stare at a screen for most of the day. Whether you are working in an office, watching Netflix or scrolling through your Instagram feed, it is clear that modern life increasingly revolves around technology.

When you use digital devices with LED displays, it means that you are exposed to artificial sources of blue light on a regular basis. Blue light is a high frequency, high energy section of the light spectrum that can affect our ability to get quality sleep. Normally, it is responsible for making you feel alert and signals that your body should wake up, during sunrise for example.

However, in today’s world, modern lifestyles mean that you are exposed to blue light more frequently than ever before. That is why artificial blue light sources can unnaturally affect our circadian rhythm which is responsible for telling our bodies when to wake up and when to sleep.

Your sex drive and sleep

Modern bedroom with computer screen and desk near bed

If you are like most people, you are probably guilty of occasionally using your phone just before you go to sleep. The blue light that screens emit can disrupt our wake / sleep cycle. So, when you use screens frequently, you may see a reduction in the regularity and quality of your sleep.  

What you might not realise is that lack of sleep and low sex drive are linked. In fact, poor rest is known to reduce testosterone levels in both men and women. Popular culture often links testosterone to male characteristics. In reality, it is also responsible for healthy sex drive in women. So, this is something that affects everyone. 

Scientists from the University of Chicago found men who get less than five hours sleep a night for a week or longer have far lower levels of testosterone than those who get a good night’s rest. 

Additionally, lack of sleep can contribute to other health issues such as depression or weight gain, which in turn can affect your libido.

Reducing your blue light exposure

Young couple having fun on bed eating pizza

The good news: a 2015 study revealed that just one extra hour of sleep a night can lead to a 14 percent boost in libido.

There are many reasons why your libido may fluctuate. Blocking blue light and getting higher quality sleep can be a great first step towards getting a better night's rest and restoring your sex drive.

If you are using screens for a large part of the day, one of the ways you can reduce your exposure to blue light is by wearing glasses that filter out some of the high energy light frequencies.

LUMES computer glasses that not only do a great job of filtering blue light, but blend with your personal style too. Check out our range below.

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