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How Jack Dorsey Runs Two Companies At Once 👇


Running one company is challenging enough, let alone two. So exactly how does Jack Dorsey run Twitter and Square at the same time?

The answer is quite simple: focus.

Dorsey gives each day a theme to help keep him productive:

"The way I found that works for me is I theme my days. On Monday, at both companies, I focus on management and running the company…Tuesday is focused on product. Wednesday is focused on marketing and communications and growth. Thursday is focused on developers and partnerships. Friday is focused on the company and the culture and recruiting. Saturday I take off, I hike. Sunday is reflection, feedback, strategy, and getting ready for the week."

Focus in the digital age 

In today’s world, the need to stay focused is not just limited to the CEOs of billion-dollar companies. Whether you’re coding the next game-changing app, launching a startup or juggling multiple freelance projects, it’s becoming more and more and difficult to stay focused.

And it’s not just our Instagram feeds or constant Slack messages distracting us on a daily basis. Working in front of a screen every day can cause eye strain, brain fog and disrupt our natural sleep cycle. All resulting in one thing: a lack of focus - making it harder to do your best work.

So, how can you stay focused?

Taking regular breaks or going for a walk can give your eyes some much needed relaxation. But, if like most people, you spend your days in front of a screen for work, investing in a pair of blue light blocking glasses can alleviate the negative effects of screen use and leave your eyes feeling more relaxed.

LUMES blue light blocking glasses are specially engineered to filter out high-intensity blue light up to 420 nm and reduce glare. The lenses are virtually clear and color perception is not noticeably affected. They can help your eyes feel more relaxed, protect your long-term vision and also improve your sleep schedule.

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